After more than a decade as a stylist for artists, and designer of merchandising, in 2018, I moved from the beautiful city of Madrid, to the fabulous city of Barcelona where I was approached by Marie Porcher founder of Santa Braguita. It wasn’t the best moment of the trademark, but it was a great opportunity to turn rain into sunshine, while mastering the beautiful art of fashion, through production to managing wholesaler, and mostly under pressure.

During this 3 years (still counting) as the creative director, co-production director and co-designer of Santa Braguita (and now co-owner), I always had a vision of beachwear and fashion in general, and through the mentoring of Marie Porcher I acquired the experience by co-creating and presenting more than 3 collections for TH3 Essence and Santa Braguita.

It has been an amazing journey, even more beautiful as the co-owner of Santa Braguita.

Now with my amazing team, we are glad to announce the first capsule of “Santissimx” made with sostenible materials, due on the 22~02~22, “a diamond under the sun”

Special thanks to Mar Y Sol, C.L.B, Diego, Gabriela. . .


Happy solstice 🌼

Yours sincerely,
EBi imagine